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Tool Racks : The Next Generation

I’ve managed to make a start on the custom tool racks I talked about last post. Most of my tools fit fine on normal pegboard hooks but there’s a few that don’t, like my small carving chisels.

I used a similar process to last time, though with a drill press in the workshop now it was a lot easier to get the holes drilled accurately and to the exact depth I needed.

I started with a scrap of pine left over from the drill press stand. I like the look of the racks with a slight 45 degree angle on the ends so did marked that up at the same time. To get the length I needed I just laid out the tools on top of the scrap and left a bit extra at either end.


Over to the trusty miter saw to cut it to length and I have the makings of the tool rack. Chamfer the edges at this point as it both looks better and will stop the later cuts splintering the edge.


I decided that the best way to proceed was to drill the L-hook holes first and make sure they fit and it would fit on the pegboard, that way if it didn’t I wouldn’t have wasted a heap of time.


My drill press has a very advanced table and fence as you can see (MDF and clamps!) but it did the job fine. I drilled the smaller hole to full depth first for the thread to go into, then the larger hole for the washer on the hooks to fit in. It would have been easier if I could find hooks without the washer part but I haven’t been able to so far.

Once this was done I screwed the hooks in and tested it on the pegboard, where it worked fine and held nice and firmly in place. Something I forgot to mention earlier is that you need a 45 degree chamfer on the back edge otherwise you won’t be able to tilt it back to put on the pegboard.


I then started drilling my holes with a Forstner bit to match the size of the chisel handles I wanted to store. A pair of caipers comes in very handy for matching the tool size to the drill bit size right about now.


Once the holes are drilled it looked line this. I could have left it like this but that would mean I needed clearance above the rack to take tools in and out.


Instead I marked out a channel to be cut out of the front of each hole so that I could lift the tools only a little then slide them the rest of the way out


I cut these out with a Japanese saw but any small saw would work. You could also use a jigsaw or scrollsaw, which I didn’t think about using until after I was finished.


Here’s the finished rack on the bench


and here it is on the wall filled with tools. It got a light sand and a coat of linseed oil to finish it off.


There’s a few more to do but this is the first and I’m very happy with the result. If you’d like to see the article that inspired the use of the L-hooks to hang in on the pegboard you can find it here