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It’s not easy being green

I was horrified a few weeks ago┬áto hear about Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy breaking up. That was until my lovely wife pointed out it’s happened multiple times and they always end up back together.

Unlike the muppets, I like to try new things occasionally. In the past year I’ve learnt to carve with both knife and gouges, started making boxes, learnt to cut dovetails and learnt to turn wood on my drill press.

The problem I’ve found is the amount of effort to get square stock round. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, why take something that was round, make it square then have to work to make it round again?

I decided to try and find a branch that was already round to start with to see how it would turn on the drill press. The gum trees in the garden yielded a likely branch and I cut it to the size I needed and stripped off all the bark with a knife.


Then I put it on the drill press. I decided to use a nail instead of the live center I usually use as it’s a bit soft and might come loose.


I started turning it but rasps seemed to bounce off so I tried a microplane with much better results. I got long thin shavings from it and it turned easily.


I may or may not finish this at some point but the idea was just to see what green wood would do when turned on a non-traditional lathe like a drill press. It was fun to do though and saved a lot of time compared to working with prepared stock.