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Drawers for the drill press

My drill press stand has been the focus of the little time I’ve had in the workshop lately. I’m trying to make the stand itself as useful as the machine that lives on it, plus I don’t really want to have to keep unbolting it and putting it back on so I’m trying to get all the work out of the way in one go!

I’d originally had shelves on it, but they don’t really help when it comes to storing small things like drill bits and accessories so decided to try making my first drawers. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on the project, so used up some more scrap pine for the frames and some MDF left over from my attempt at wooden Christmas decorations for the bottoms.

I wanted to have these done in an hour so went the cheap and nasty method of making them. I measured the space I had for the drawers, cut the sides to size, cut the MDF to just oversize and glued and clamped it all together.


Once the glue dried, I put some nails in for strength, used a flush trim bit to clean up the overhang on the base and gave the edges a cleanup with the roundover tool


With these built I used them as spacers while I cut and fitted some hardwood rails to the frame, and then slotted them in.


They still need guide rails on the drawers themselves but it’s starting to come together quite well. These two shallow drawers are for small bits, then I need some deeper drawers for Forstner bits and other accessories. It’s not the prettiest work around but it should do the job and add quite a bit of storage space to the workshop, as well as keeping all my drilling items near where they are used.



A wheely good upgrade to the drill press

Excuse the horrible pun. It jumped into the heading while I wasn’t looking.

My drill press got a simple but useful upgrade a couple of weeks ago. I’d originally planned for it to have wheels so I could move it away from my workbench as needed. I hadn’t really found that it was getting in the road until recently so had held off on the upgrade, but I had some time spare so finished the project off.

Here it is dragged into the middle of the floor.



The first step was to add a base, so I took the drill press off, turned it upside down on a piece of MDF and marked the size. It’s always better to size off the actual project where possible as it might not be entirely square and measuring alone wouldn’t work as well.



You can see I’ve marked it here


I cut that piece out with my jigsaw then nailed it to the base, using a block plane to tidy up the edges though they didn’t need much work


The next step was to mark spots for the wheels. I wanted to bolt them through the base but the legs are too thick and if I put the wheels further in I wouldn’t be able to use the brakes on them, so settled for marking them just in front the edges, using a wheel as a guide.


I drove the bolts in using a drill with a driver in it, and then hand tightened them to make sure they wouldn’t move. The ones that went through the MDF instead of into the legs got nuts on them as well.


And here it is with the wheels on it. It’s totally stable and much easier to use now I can move it around when needed.


Building a Drill Press Stand (Part 3)


What do you get when you combine a Sunday afternoon, a rained out cricket match and a fiance who’s gone to the theater . The answer is shelves in your drill press stand!

I was all set for a lazy afternoon in front of the tv, but when the weather put a stop to the cricket I decided to spend some time in the workshop instead.

I’d watched the aussies struggle to a respectable total then wandered into the workshop to kill some time between innings. I was happy just pottering around so did that for a while, and played with the drill press, then I went to check if it was back on. It wasn’t, so I decided to put the time to good use instead.

I wasn’t in the mood for any fancy joinery this afternoon. The shelves are all butt joints, screws and 90 degree angles, but it’s nice and solid and wasn’t hard to do.

To add the shelves all I did was cut four supports to go between the legs, then cut some spare pine board and nailed it into place. The board itself was the perfect width and had been sitting around for a while because of a slight cup in it but since it’s going to have a fair bit of weight on it I figure it will flatten out in a while.

I’ve used the shelves so store my drill bits and containers of fasteners, and once I get a piece I can use to make a third shelf across the bottom rails I’ll store my larger bits under here too.

I took the time to bolt the drill press down as well, so it’s all nice and solid now. All that’s left is that last shelf, some sanding and a coat of oil and I’m done.

Building a Drill Press stand (Part 1)

Santa, or possibly my wife-to-be, left me a nice little benchtop drillpress under the Christmas tree, along with a pair of sawhorses.

I don’t have a lot of spare bench space though so spent part of this afternoon building it a stand. I took the opportunity to use up some spare pine, some of which was originally in the mobile pegboard wall that I dismantled some months ago.

First I cut four legs to length, using the mitre saw at first, then my jigsaw when the mitre saw started playing up. Then I cut four longer crosspieces, and assembled two sides, using butt joints. Glue and screws held everything together. One of the sides is shown below.


Once the two sides were built, I cut four shorter crosspieces and used them to join the two sides together, making an open sided box.


More photos to come when I get more time!