Here you will find links and short reviews of woodworking books I’ve found interesting. If they aren’t here, I either haven’t read them (likely, given the thousands on the market) or didn’t think they were worth the time to write about.

If a book does make it here, then I found it was worth the read and often also worth owning. The order does mean something – the higher on the list they are the  better the book.


1. Making woodwork aids and devices (Robert Wearing, 2000)

A very simple book, where the author believes in the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. His simple drawings illustrate some of the best jigs and shop made tools I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve made a number of them. I just have to get my own copy now because I’m sure the library is getting fed up with me borrowing theirs once every few months!.

Especially worth a look are his rebated vice jaws and faces, and the spokeshave blade sharpening aid.


2. The Anarchist’s Tool Chest (Christopher Schwarz, 2011)

I bought the eBook version because I couldn’t wait to read it, and I’m glad I did. There’s a lot of very good information in this about buying quality tools, as well as which tools you should buy. I read it and went down to the garage and cleared out about 50% of my tools. It’s probably nothing you don’t already know, but it might just be the catalyst to make you rethink how and why you woodwork.



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