Turning a Camphor Laurel Bottle

After the success of the bud vase that I turned on the drill press I wanted to have another go. I had a small piece of Camphor Laurel that I’d not found a use for and decided to try turning it into another bud vase. I got the basic shape done then decided it could be something a little more interesting.

I used a small file to cut a deep groove in the top so I had a lid and a body, then shaped it some more so that the lid had a bead on it.


Once this was shaped and sanded I cut the lid off, drilled out the body and the lid and sanded it a bit more.



The outside got a coat of orange oil and beeswax and I filled it with more of the camphor laurel shavings. The lid already had a hole from the nail I’d used to hold it in the drill press so instead of sealing it I shaped it a bit bigger.



Fitted together it looked like this



The final result is a small bottle that you can sniff when you have a cold to get the camphor smell. Now that the beeswax smell is fading the bottle itself has the nice smell too.



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