Hasting’s Woodworker Guild

Way back at the start of the year I was away in Port Macquarie for a few days holiday and I posted about a trip to Timbertown, a recreation of a steam powered sawmill village. Also on the grounds is the local woodwork club, the Hastings Woodworkers Guild.

When you walk up to the front of the clubhouse you see an assortment of old hand tools mounted on the veranda along with name plates to identify what some of them are. While part of me wanted to take them down and restore them I could also appreciate the display for attracting passers by and fitting in with the theme of the area, and most of them probably wouldn’t have been in good enough shape to be working tools again anyway.





The other thing that caught my eye on the veranda was a wooden pole lathe, complete with an example of a turned work piece and a sigh offering to demonstrate how it worked. I didn’t get the opportunity to do so but would have loved to see it in action.


The entrance to the clubhouse is around the side, the veranda is just a display, and on walking inside I saw a wonderful display of some of the work the club’s members had been doing. With their permission I took some photos to share here.



We were warmly greeted by one of the members who spent quite a lot of time telling us about the club and some of the work being done there. He was obviously proud of the club and the work it was doing and it was a genuine pleasure to hear all about it. He introduced us to some of the other members, pointed out parts of the actual workshop area which is fenced off from the display room and had my wife trying to solve complicated wooden puzzles from the display.

It’s always great to meet fellow woodworkers and the members at the Hasting’s club were incredibly friendly and the work on display was all of excellent quality. They even gave my wife a small scroll sawn dolphin as a souvenir of her visit. I’d highly recommend stopping in to visit if you’re ever in the area.


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