Experiments in Spoon Design

Whenever I only have a few minutes to spare my go-to project is a spoon. I have a pile of blanks already cut out and since most of the work needs nothing more than a knife it’s an easy thing to pick up and put down without having to go to the trouble of moving my car out of the ‘workshop’ and setting up like is needed for larger projects.

I’d cut up some meranti that was laying around when I was cutting blanks and while it’s a difficult wood to get a good finish on it is very cheap and easy to work with so is great when you want to try out something new. Below is the rough blank, it’s been cut out with a jigsaw and is waiting to be shaped.


My favourite knife made short work of getting the handle rounded and shaped.


The idea this time was to try and cut a spiral pattern into the handle. I generally only find myself working with ‘boring’ woods eg pine, maple, meranti and tasmanian oak that don’t often have a huge amount of character on their own so I wanted to try and do something in the shaping to make up for that. I started by wrapping masking tape around the newly shaped handle in a spiral to use as a guide. The gaps are where the cuts would be made.


I started with a round rasp and cut the spiral. I could only use the very tip since I didn’t want the channel to be very wide and since it’s a fairly coarse rasp it left deep tooth marks in the soft wood.


You can see below that while the shape is pretty good it still needs a lot of refinement


I don’t have a finer round rasp but I do have a good number of files, and even though they are designed for metal I fine they work very well on wood as long as you clean the teeth frequently. Good advice for both your files and your mouth!


With the spiral channel now refined it’s looking more like what I had imagined, but it’s still hard to tell with the tape on it


After I removed the tape, this is what it looked like. I was pleased with the result of the experiment and decided it would be something I’d try again at some point.



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