Finishing a breadboard

I’m still focusing on getting through all the half finished projects and wood stockpile so every opportunity I get I try and get something completed and out of the way. I’d had this breadboard glued up for ages but it wasn’t flat so I kept putting off work on it. This is how it started, you can see the joins aren’t great and there’s glue spillout.


It does have a nice grain and even the marks add character


I’m not a huge fan of sanders, they are noisy and throw dust everywhere but I hit the board with my random orbital sander and got it cleaned up


It still wasn’t quite flat though so I used a jointer plane to take off the high points. I’d have used my jack plane but as usual I’d put off sharpening so it needed work and I was trying to get this done in a short period of time


I gave it another sand, then switched to a sheet sander and a higher grit to finish it off


A few coats of food safe orange oil and some buffing and it’s done. Tick that one off the list!





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