Carving a shallow bowl (Part 2)

When I last had time to post, we were looking at how I’d carved a shallow dish. I’d roughed out the shape and sanded, but decided to make the bowl a bit deeper before continuing. Sometimes I like to work on something, put it away and let time guide me on how it should look and time was telling me to make the bowl deeper!



Then I smoothed the bowl using a card scraper, then sanded to 1200 grit with wet and dry sandpaper.


and the back was done the same way. The original wood used had a bad stain on it and I didn’t sand deep enough to remove it totally but it adds character so I left it this way.


Then I finished it with stain mixed into linseed oil


Here’s the finished result. I gave it three coats of beeswax later on but I’ll have to find the picture of that for a later post




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