Pegboard for the bench

I’ve long wanted to put pegboard above my workbench, but I kept wondering if the tools would get in the road or dust cover everthing so never actually got around to hanging any, until recently that is

I wanted to put one large piece of pegboard on a wooden frame and hang it, so I went out and bought the materials. Getting them into the car turned out to be an issue though, the pegboard was 1800 x 900 and missed fitting in my boot and back seat by about 2cm. I ended up getting the pegboard cut in half  and had to join it again later on.

First I put the two pieces face down on sawhorses. Make sure that if you had to use two pieces that you line them up as well as you can so the rows of holes are even. I used 20 x 45 pine for the frame because it’s nice and cheap, about $2.50AU for a 2m length. The pegboard was $25 so the total project not including consumables cost about $40, and took about 3 hours including drying time.


Measure two pieces for the ends at full width, then two for the sides taking the width of the end pieces off the length. Dry fit everything to make sure your measurements and cuts were right and adjust anything needed.



Run a good amount of wood glue along each piece and clamp in into place. It’s on this sort of project that you realise that you don’t have enough clamps, so I made sure I picked up another packet of the quick-grip clamps the next time I saw them on sale after running short here. It’s also a good idea to put glue on the endgrain of the long pieces and clamp them so that they join not just to the pegboard but to the end pieces of the frame as well.



After the frame had dried all that was left was to find the wall studs and hang it up. This bit is a two person job so enlist a helper if possible. I’ve just secured it with nails through the frame, but you could use screws if you wanted to.




It’s a little longer than my bench, but there was space spare behind the drill press anyway so that’s fine. I moved a lot of my more commonly used tools over to this pegboard leaving room on the other walls for less used tools to be stored.

It’s actually amazing how much extra storage this gives you, and it really helped me tidy up the garage a lot as well as letting me work more efficiently.





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