The Drill Press (finally!) gets a table

The weekend before last I made some circular saw guides. I included a picture of the small one in action, repeated below


That board is actually two bits of MDF laminated together to form a thick board to use as a drill press table. I was given the drill press by my lovely wife last Christmas but up until now it’s been used with scrap clamped in place as a table, and I had always wanted to put a proper one on it.

You might wonder what benefit a wooden table has over just using the metal one that it comes with, or with a vice added to it. Well, there’s a number of benefits

1) You can make it larger, giving you room to support larger workpieces

2) The exit point of the hole you are drilling is supported by the table, making the hole cleaner and less jagged.

3) You can add a fence to it so you can secure the piece being drilled, making the operation safer and more accurate.

So how did I get it to stay on there?. My original plan is below. I was going to have rails either side then underneath so the table could slide on and off.



Once it was glued up and I realised that the sides of the metal table aren’t parallel that idea went out the window. I decided that I really wanted the table on the drill press so just went with drilling holes and putting heavy bolts in. The photo is from underneath the stand so is a bit blurry.



and here’s the finished product. All that is left is to make a fence for it. I got to use it on the very next project I built, and it was very helpful have the table secured there.



2 thoughts on “The Drill Press (finally!) gets a table

  1. Hi there, nice Project.
    How did you build the Drill Press Stand?
    It´s made of Doug Fir isn´t it?

    How did you build it, what measures!? thikness of wood did you take?

    1. Hi Chris,

      I’m glad you like it. It’s actually all scrap pine (20 x 90 & 35 x 75mm) and MDF. I wrote posts a while back on how I built it. Look at,,

      or just type “Drill Press Stand” into the search box on the main page. I’m happy to answer any questions you have though!


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