More work on the drill press stand

I have a bad habit of getting a project to the point where it’s usable then not finishing it off. More often than not this just means the work is done and just needs sanding and finishing, but with the drill press there is more work than that to be done.

Last weekend I managed to get some of this work done. The first job was to get the edges of the MDF top flush with the sides, so I got out my router, put a flush trim bit in and cleaned it up.

The second thing was to round over the top edges to protect the MDF from getting damaged. The router did this well too.

I don’t use my router much. It’s a useful tool but a lot of the time it’s just too much effort to get it set up so I end up doing the job another way instead. This time I decided it was the way to go and it did a really good job.

Here’s a couple of before pics




and an after pic



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