$1 hot dogs and $2.49 spice racks

We had to take a trip past IKEA last weekend so stopped in for bit of a wander. We ended up leaving with a picture frame, a couple of hot dogs and a bag full of $2.49 wooden spice racks.

I’d been meaning to replace the white wire baskets that hang under my plane till for a while because they take up a lot of wall space and don’t actually offer much storage, but it’s been one of those background projects that isn’t important enough to actually start.

Here’s what it looked like before the weekend



When I saw the spice racks were just about exactly what I’d planned to build anyway and were cheaper than I could buy the raw materials for I grabbed a few.

I decided to mount them onto a frame so I only had to drill one set of mounting holes in the wall, and to give them a little more depth. I had two lengths of pine left that would fit nicely so glued and screwed four of the six racks I’d bought to them. I couldn’t fit the rest on as they would have been too low to the ground to be useful.



I mounted it to the wall with a couple of masonry plugs, you can see the ones where the baskets were but I couldn’t use those again as they were wider than the new rack.



A coat of linseed oil and a few minutes work and it’s all loaded up and looking good. Total project cost was under $15 including glue and screws, and the build and finishing time was a little over an hour. It looks better than the wire baskets did and give me a little bit of extra storage.



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