A wheely good upgrade to the drill press

Excuse the horrible pun. It jumped into the heading while I wasn’t looking.

My drill press got a simple but useful upgrade a couple of weeks ago. I’d originally planned for it to have wheels so I could move it away from my workbench as needed. I hadn’t really found that it was getting in the road until recently so had held off on the upgrade, but I had some time spare so finished the project off.

Here it is dragged into the middle of the floor.



The first step was to add a base, so I took the drill press off, turned it upside down on a piece of MDF and marked the size. It’s always better to size off the actual project where possible as it might not be entirely square and measuring alone wouldn’t work as well.



You can see I’ve marked it here


I cut that piece out with my jigsaw then nailed it to the base, using a block plane to tidy up the edges though they didn’t need much work


The next step was to mark spots for the wheels. I wanted to bolt them through the base but the legs are too thick and if I put the wheels further in I wouldn’t be able to use the brakes on them, so settled for marking them just in front the edges, using a wheel as a guide.


I drove the bolts in using a drill with a driver in it, and then hand tightened them to make sure they wouldn’t move. The ones that went through the MDF instead of into the legs got nuts on them as well.


And here it is with the wheels on it. It’s totally stable and much easier to use now I can move it around when needed.



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