Plans for an edge planing stop

I’ve been cutting up some excess hardwood to make breadboards and I need to joint the edges as they all have a slight radius on them.

Whenever I’ve been planing stock previously I’d just clamp it into my workmate-style bench and stomp one foot down on the frame to stop it jumping around, but that is pretty awkward.

Now that the workbench is clear of shelves though I can actually use the front vice. I’ve decided that I want to make an edge planing stop, based on the idea in Jim Tolpin’s ‘The New Traditional Woodworker’ to get the most out of it.

I’ve been meaning for ages to start using Google Sketchup to do designs for projects before I start making sawdust, because it has an undo button where I’ve yet to find one on any of my tools. I’m actually trained in 3D modelling but it’s been a number of years since I used those skills so they are more than a little rusty.

Here’s my first effort, not to scale but I think it looks OK. If I find I’m using it a lot I’ll start posting plans in this format for anyone who wants to copy of of my designs.

Edge Planing Stop


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