Ghosts of pegboard racks past

Now that I’ve got more pegboard up, I realised that I don’t have enough tools that fit on normal hooks to go on it so started looking for pegboard rack designs. I’d made some before but gave most away when I built dedicated racks for those tools.

Funnily enough when I was searching a few of the ones I’d made came up on the first page of results. They actually looked pretty decent, and they did their job well.

Here they are on the old mobile pegboard wall. Looking back at it this was actually a really good solution, I wish I’d kept it around. It lives on in other projects though, the pegboard is on the walls and parts of the frame have been used in the drill press stand and in that mighty Roubo workbench I was building at one point. I wonder if they guy who bought it ever finished it?.

Back to the point. I find it interesting how you sometimes end up revisiting your own work. I’ll be using these as a reference for the new tool racks I want to build, and I’m also considering adding pegboard above my workbench again if there’s enough scraps of it to do so. I’d done that then pulled it down when the cupboards came off a month or two ago, but I think having the tools to hand would be useful.

Moral of the story?. Document your work where possible, you never know when you’ll want to use the idea again!


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