It’s the final pegboard (dah dah dum dum dum!)

Forgive the terrible title of this article, I just can’t get that song out of my head.

For a good year now I’ve had a stack of pegboard sitting stacked against the wall of my small garage workshop. It originally came from my dad’s garage, leftovers from when he did his workshop, and then it spent some time on a mobile frame housing my tools.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to finish the frames for it in an effort to clean up that corner of the workshop, and I’ve finally finished what I think will be the last of them.

This one’s a bit different, it didn’t need to be a deep cabinet as it’s out of the way in the back corner under the saw till, so the sides weren’t needed to stop tools being bumped.

First I marked up the wood for the frame


Then I cut it to length, making sure the pieces ended up the same size


Next I cut my piece of pegboard to size using my jigsaw. Be careful not to wander into the holes, the blade will slip sideways if you do.


I turned my pegboard over as this is the side I’ll attach the frame to


Next I laid out my frame making sure it all fit properly, this is important to do before gluing up as it allows you to make any adjustments.


Then I made sure the frame fit, and glued each piece into position with PVA glue, making sure I got some on the sides where the next piece would meet this one so that they were joined to each other not just the frame


Once this was dry I turned the frame over and nailed the pegboard to it for extra strength


I already had holes with masonry plugs in them from a previous project so worked out where I needed to drill to match those and screwed the pegboard to the wall.


It all fit well, but because the pegboard wasn’t as wide as i would have liked and because I wanted to use the already drilled holes it sat lower in the space than it could have, leaving a wide gap above it that looked odd. I thought about it, unscrewed the frame from the wall and added a narrow shelf to the top with glue and nails.


There it is, all finished and ready to be put to use. I ended up giving it a light sand and the shelf a coat of boiled linseed oil later to match the rest of the workshop.

It never hurts to have more storage in the workshop, and this made good use of what otherwise is wasted space


2 thoughts on “It’s the final pegboard (dah dah dum dum dum!)

  1. Looks great Andrew.
    Do I see binary code in all those dots and spaces on the pegboard – hahahaha.
    I remember having a low tool rack like this – not pegboard, but simpler – and I had to move it when our first child started to walk, as the tools kept disappearing.
    You are doing great things in your workshop – well done.

    1. It looks more like a giant punch card to me Tom! Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have kids at present and hope to move before any make themselves apparent so will leave the child-proofing until workshop mark II!

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