Light and shade

In comparison to Saturday’s relaxing time in the workshop, Sunday was stressful. I wasn’t feeling great to begin with so took it easy in the morning, but my better half was going out in the afternoon and I wanted to try and finish up a project that’s been sitting unfinished for some time. 20130303_150753

I’d made this second pegboard cabinet early on, not long after the first one, but had never bothered to finish it. I’d tried once and had a router bit slip and gouge a chunk out of the top rail so had to replace that to start with.

I was rushing, trying to get this done and hung on the wall in under two hours, so decided to use nails instead of screws. Not a good idea at all, the wood split. I fixed that, then put the new piece on properly.

Next issue – I’d sized it to be the same width as the other cabinet, but when I went to cut the pegboard to fit I found the pieces I have left are all too narrow. I ended up attaching it top and bottom and the sides are sitting unattached, it seems rigid enough to work though so that turned out ok.

Next problem? Because the pegboard was fastened to the back of the cabinet, I couldn’t install the locking cleats like on the top one. Instead I put spaces on the back and screwed it directly to the wall.


I gave it all a light sand and it’s done, it needs a coat of oil but that can come later. I sat back with a cuppa to take a look and all I can see are mistakes, but when my partner came home she thought it looked fantastic.

I’ve started loading it up but need to think through where everything goes first, but it does add valuable storage I didn’t have before and at the end of the day it works and looks decent. It’s only us woodworkers who know where the problems are and I think I need to focus more on appreciating the final result instead of worrying over small imperfections only I can see.



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