A pleasant rainy day in the workshop

My better half is out today, so once the chores were done I’ve had the day to myself

I’ve been making good progress in the workshop in recent weeks, shifting it around to better meet my needs and getting rid of things that weren’t useful.

A couple of weeks ago, the same day as the plane till was finished, I took the shelving units off my bench and converted them into a narrow bench. This freed up a lot of room on the workbench and gave me an two extra shelves, one in the unit and one on top for my grinders. The stand I’d made recently has been shelved in favour of this more stable arrangement.


I decided the next thing to do was tackle that mess of wood on the shelves, so I started pulling it all out and sorting it this morning

There was supposed to be an after picture of everything neatly rearranged, but after an hour of work it basically ended up looking the same. There’s too much good stuff in there to just throw away and not enough quantity of anything to give away. I got rid of a few warped pieces and some maple that had big cracks running through it but not much else.

I did a bit of a general tidy up too, throwing away the usual collection of junk that accumulates whenever I’m not watching – scraps of sandpaper, crumped up paper towel, fastener packets etc. I also put all the tools that seemed to have wandered away from their homes back where they should be.

I started to really look at what else could go and my eyes fell on the parts of the router table that’s never been used. A friend gave it to me some time back but the router I’d bought to use in a table didn’t fit so I took it to pieces to store and it’s just been lying around since then.

I picked up the top to have a look at it and decided to try the router again, in case my memory was going. No joy there. I decided to try my smaller router in it and it actually fit ok when I turned it backwards, so I decided to finish putting it together. The legs went on with stronger bolts than were originally supplied and I bolted the whole thing to a scrap of MDF so it can be clamped to either the bench or to sawhorses when needed.


What really sold me on keeping it was finally figuring out what the little knob on the top was for. I’d thought it was some kind of storage compartment, maybe for inserts, but I’d never managed to get it loose and wasn’t bothered enough to really find out.



I took the fence off to sit it flat while I mounted the router in it, and realised that the panel actually slides forward instead of lifting up. A lightbulb went on. It’s a drawer!.

Ok, so it wasn’t. But what it was is even better, it’s an offset fence so that you can use the table as a jointer. Any machine that can serve two purposes makes me happy, so it can stay.


I also took the wheels off the old vacuum cleaner I use in the workshop so it could fit assembled under the workbench. This way I can attach it to whatever tool I’m using at the bench and it’s not in the way.



All in all a pretty productive day, and not overly strenuous either. Now to curl up with a cuppa and a good book until the better half gets home.


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