Grimshaw on Saws

I love old woodworking books, they tend to cover far more interesting territory than the modern ones do. There’s a huge library of out of print books over at the Evenfall Studios Woodwork Library and plenty there are worth a read so I thought I’d share the link.

I’m a big fan on one particular book there, Grimshaw on Saws. I’d never heard of it until I read Chris Schwatz’s The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, where he mentions that he took a job at Popular Woodworking magazine and was discussing saws with a respected woodworker only to be told all the answers to his questions were in this book, and how did he not have it given his job?

The treatise on rasps and files is also very interesting, as are the Disston saw catelogues. I hope you find something there to interest you like I did.


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