Finishing the plane till

There was a slight change of plan on the plane till. I was going to do three horizontal braces across the back with the magnetic bars mounted on them, but finding more of these bars is proving near impossible, all the stores locally have sold out with no idea when they will have more.

Rather than deprive my chisel rack of a second bar I decided to make do with two instead, so this meant a redesign. What I decided to do is put a plywood back on the cabinet, and have one bar just up from the bottom to capture the smaller planes and one diagonally to support the longer planes.

I’ve not really worked with plywood previously, except for a scrap here and there, as I’ve always opted for the cheaper MDF. I think I’ll be using ply more often as it was nice to work and the grain looks really nice in the cabinet.

I used the cabinet frame to mark the size of the back then cut it out with my trusty jigsaw. I glued it up then added nails for extra strength, I don’t want this coming apart and spilling my planes on the floor.


I added the magnetic bars in and then loaded it with the planes to make sure everything fit. It did nicely, so gave it a good sand and a coat of linseed oil.

There was some room left over so I decided to add a short shelf for my block planes. I’m not sure where the photos of this part of the work went, I may have just been too busy working to stop and take any!

Here’s a photo of it on the wall, the shelf still needs some oil to fit in with the rest.


and here it is loaded up. All my planes fit with room for the router plane as well, held in place by L-hooks that just pivot to release it. My spokeshaves are hanging from hooks on each side and I will put a rail on top so I can safely store my rebate and plough plane there.


The planes are all held securely, I’ve bumped and shaken the cabinet to make sure. Even the smaller ones held only by one bar are locked in place. Trying to pull any plane forward is near impossible, the trick is to lift one side then the other side releases. I’m really happy with this solution.



2 thoughts on “Finishing the plane till

  1. Great presentation. Why not insert (even without gluing) a wooden block, into the back of the case on the bottom shelf. Make it the width of the case, 1″ high and 2″ from the back of the case towards the front. That way all the ‘heels’ of the planes will be supported and the short planes ones will fit on the magnetic strip just out of range now?
    Generally speaking, great illustrations as well
    G. Glave

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