Miter Saw stand on the cheap

I don’t know what it is about the miter saw. Every woodworker I know either loves it or hates it, with few in between.

Personally, I really do like it. A few weeks ago when I thought it had gone to that great big toolbox in the sky I was ready within days to put myself back out there and try and find a new workshop companion.

Thankfully the ER was able to bring my old friend back to life, and instead of flowers while it sat in recovery I made it a new stand.

My workshop is on the small side and shares the space with a large car, so the brief was simple

  • Compact
  • Folding
  • Cheap

I don’t want much do I?. I had a look at the pre-built stands at the local hardware store and while they are great and meet criteria #2, they pretty much miss the mark on the others. They did get me thinking though, what about mounting it on a sawhorse?

I didn’t want to tie up one of the ones I got for Christmas permanently, so went looking for a new pair. As luck would have it there was an ex-display horse separated from it’s partner for $10 in the clearout area so it came home with me.

Attaching the saw was much easier than I thought, on closer inspection it has notches to fit over a sawhorse and holes to be screwed down. A couple of scraps added either side to support longer pieces and I was done, for about an hours work including the shopping trip and $15 worth of material.

It folds up neatly so it can be stacked against a wall when not in use, and takes only a few seconds to assemble. Criteria met!

20130210_161537 20130210_161548


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