Nocturnal musings

As I write this I’m laying in bed with a pillow shielding the light from phone I’m using so that I don’t wake my fiancé.

It’s been a long day but my head is still so full of thoughts that I can’t sleep.

It all started a few weeks ago when I was asked to do a presentation on planes for my local woodwork club. I agreed and today was the day I did it, and though it went quite well I found myself quite nervous up there, sharing what I know to a group of people some of whom have been woodworking for twice the time I’ve been alive.

I kept thinking to myself that I’d get it wrong, or that nobody would be interested but instead I got quite a good reception and was able to help quite a few people with specific issues they asked about afterwards.

The group are very power tool focused and some said that they had never used a plane before, which I found suprising. I hope that what I talked about today encourages them to try one out.

Talking about planes and showing some of mine did bring me back to another issue that’s been troubling me. I think I have more planes than I can neatly store or justify. It’s mostly bench planes, I picked up the half sizes along the way and nearly eighteen months later I haven’t used them once.

I took apart my original plane till to build a new one to fit all these extras in and not, made any progress on rebuilding it either, and I really think that it might just be time to strip back to the three basic bench planes I talked about today – jointer, jack and smoother.

Thinking about getting rid of planes is hard though, I’m very fond of them and sometimes feel as if having then around makes me more genuine as a woodworker. I know that’s nonsense but I’ve long had the bad habit of measuring success in a hobby by the amount of equipment I accumulate for it instead of by increase in skill level.

So thoughts about the talk today along with those about reducing my plane collection are mingling with wedding preparations and computer problems to make this a very sleepless night.

I’m going to try and get some sleep now, goodnight all.


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