Drill Bit Storage

After all the fun of getting the drill press shelves done, I decided to start building customer holders for my drill bits, like below


Now this will work for some of my bits, the ones where I actually have complete, matched sets. So basically, the five bits pictured.

The problem is, I seem to collect drill bits. I have bits from sets I got growing up, I have bits that got given to me, and bits I’ve bought because I still didn’t have the right size for the job. Right now they are stored in a bit plastic container, divided into types – twist, brad point, spade etc. I have three of some sizes and none of others, so building pretty little wooden stands for them just isn’t going to work.

I’ve considered magnetic rails like I did for chisels, but if I try to drill metal that could cause problems, plus I don’t really have the wall space left for this to work. I think I’ll have to spend some time with Google and see what other woodworkers have done to get some ideas.

Before you suggest that I get rid of all the duplicates and fill in the missing sizes, I’ll ask you a question – where’s the fun in knowing exactly where a bit is when you need it? The next thing I know you’ll be expecting me to actually build something…

Oh, and I made a similar holder for the flap wheels I got today. I’ll write something up about them later because they are pretty useful little things.



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