Building a Drill Press Stand (Part 3)


What do you get when you combine a Sunday afternoon, a rained out cricket match and a fiance who’s gone to the theater . The answer is shelves in your drill press stand!

I was all set for a lazy afternoon in front of the tv, but when the weather put a stop to the cricket I decided to spend some time in the workshop instead.

I’d watched the aussies struggle to a respectable total then wandered into the workshop to kill some time between innings. I was happy just pottering around so did that for a while, and played with the drill press, then I went to check if it was back on. It wasn’t, so I decided to put the time to good use instead.

I wasn’t in the mood for any fancy joinery this afternoon. The shelves are all butt joints, screws and 90 degree angles, but it’s nice and solid and wasn’t hard to do.

To add the shelves all I did was cut four supports to go between the legs, then cut some spare pine board and nailed it into place. The board itself was the perfect width and had been sitting around for a while because of a slight cup in it but since it’s going to have a fair bit of weight on it I figure it will flatten out in a while.

I’ve used the shelves so store my drill bits and containers of fasteners, and once I get a piece I can use to make a third shelf across the bottom rails I’ll store my larger bits under here too.

I took the time to bolt the drill press down as well, so it’s all nice and solid now. All that’s left is that last shelf, some sanding and a coat of oil and I’m done.


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