Building a Drill Press stand (Part 2)

Well I have to admit it, even after all these years I’m really still a big kid. I put a MDF top on the drill press stand, moved it into position and then put the entire project on hold while I played with my new toy.

I had a great amount of fun pulling the drill press out of the box, assembling it then playing with it, but this has meant I’ve yet to sand the stand or put the shelves into it.

I’ve thought about it a couple of times, but somehow this hasn’t magically resulted in the work getting done. At this point in time the stand remains usable but lacking in polish.

Here it is at the moment. Note the lovely and extremely well crafted table I added?. Such excellent workmanship!.



It’s proving nice and stable, and I do want to add at least three shelves, one of those across the bottom supports. This way I’ll have somewhere to store my drill bits and pieces, as well as more places to store junk I don’t need. Lovely!

It’s not taking up too much space, and I’m liking having it in the workshop already. I’ll put it to use on a real project instead of just drilling random holes shortly. Keep an eye out for the rest of the story when (if!) the shelves get added.


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