Methods of work

I mentioned in my last post that my powered mitre saw was playing up. It was a garage sale bargain eighteen months ago, and when I got it I never expected to use it as much as I have.

When it stopped, I finished my project with handsaws and my jigsaw, and the end result was the same even though the process took longer.

I’d told myself originally that for the $20 the saw cost me I’d be happy if it worked for six months, and that it would at least tell me if it’s a tool if want in the workshop. I can tell you now that it is, so I’m looking at a replacement.

This whole episode has got me thinking about how I see myself as a woodworker. I’ve always categorised myself as a hand tool user, but if I’m missing a power tool as soon as it’s gone then maybe I need to rethink that.

I find that I tend towards using solely handtools when I’m in the workshop to relax and unwind, and the rest of the time I find myself using both hand and power tools on projects, and it works just fine.

Is there a need for us to define ourselves other than as a woodworker?. To most people, it’s the end result that they will admire and they won’t care about the process we used to get there.

I’m going to use whatever tool feels right for the job, not caring if it’s a hundred year old saw or a modern router. This is my hobby, so I’m going to enjoy it the way I want without worrying about the tools I use.


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