Building a Drill Press stand (Part 1)

Santa, or possibly my wife-to-be, left me a nice little benchtop drillpress under the Christmas tree, along with a pair of sawhorses.

I don’t have a lot of spare bench space though so spent part of this afternoon building it a stand. I took the opportunity to use up some spare pine, some of which was originally in the mobile pegboard wall that I dismantled some months ago.

First I cut four legs to length, using the mitre saw at first, then my jigsaw when the mitre saw started playing up. Then I cut four longer crosspieces, and assembled two sides, using butt joints. Glue and screws held everything together. One of the sides is shown below.


Once the two sides were built, I cut four shorter crosspieces and used them to join the two sides together, making an open sided box.


More photos to come when I get more time!


3 thoughts on “Building a Drill Press stand (Part 1)

  1. Hi, thanks for this informative post.

    I have a question on the screw location. On the short crosspiece that you used to connect the frames, where did you screw it to? From the above pic, it looks like one screw went into the horizontal piece of the frame and the other into the vertical piece.

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