Contagious woodwork

A few months ago, a new neighbour stopped by to see if I had a spanner they could borrow. Their dishwasher had packed it in so they were replacing it. He came for a spanner but ended up stopping to admire my workshop instead.

The next weekend he proudly called me in to show me the workbench he’d built. Inspired by my little space, he’s decided to make one of his own. Since that simple start he’s started adding to it, and is really getting into it.

To my mind, this is one of the best parts of this hobby of ours, the ability to share it with others. I’m pleased to have inspired him to set up a little workshop of his own, and who knows what it will lead him to down the track.

It doesn’t diminish what we have if more people get involved, so I encourage you to share your passion with friends and family over the Holiday season when everyone is together, it may inspire them too or at the very least encourage them to give you hardware store gift vouchers instead of socks next year!



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