Storing Sash Clamps

Back when there was more than 30cm clearance between the walls and my car, I was building a Roubo style workbench (search the blog for Roubo if interested in the build). This required a lot of long clamps when I was gluing up the top, so I bought a pile of cheap sash clamps from the local hardware giant.

Now I’ve seriously considered getting rid of them but the thought that I might attempt another bench at some point has made me reluctant to do so. Instead for months upon months they have cluttered up corners, fallen on my feet, and generally been a pain in parts that I shouldn’t mention on a G rated blog.

I finally got around to putting in a cheap and nasty solution to the problem on the weekend (hey, we’re almost up to date!). A pine block screwed into a couple of masonry plugs behind my larger F clamps isn’t elegant, but at least my toes are in less danger now!



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