Sandpaper in perspective and fixing broken saw handles

I don’t normally like to link to other blogs as I think there’s enough people out there already with sites that are nothing more than links to links. I much prefer to write my own content. I’ve been catching up on my reading as well as my blogging though and there’s a couple of interesting articles I thought I’d share

Firstly, there’s an interesting read over on Christopher Schwarz blog about sandpaper. It’s not a subject that gets much of the limelight. While members of the cult of transparent shavings are constantly trying to spread the word about how much joy a finely tuned handplane can bring to your world, there’s no such group to give sandpaper a fair hearing. It’s a near essential part of modern woodwork though, and this article puts its use into perspective quite well.

Next up is an article on repairing broken saw handle spurs by Tom over at The Village Woodworker. There’s some fantastic old saws out there that are fine except for some surface rust and a broken spur, and this article will help you bring them back to life.


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