A lucky market find

I’m miles behind on my blog updates so please excuse the fact that there’s been no updates for a month or more then suddenly a heap in one go!

Way back in October I went back to my parents place, which is a bit over an hour away, to take my mum out for her birthday. I was running very early when I saw a small roadside market so I stopped to have a look.

I wasn’t there long. but this lonely little guy decided to come home with me for the princely sum of $25. The older gentleman who sold it to me told me he’d bought it to do some small work but hadn’t used it in ages and wanted the space back under his workbench.

I’m not sure of the brand, and for the price I’m not overly worried. I got it some new blades and have been having a lot of fun with it, more so than I ever expected with a scroll saw.

It needs a bit of surface rust removed but that can happen later when I get time



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