What can I get done in an hour or so?

My better half got me to drop her off at the shops on Sunday after we went out for breakfast. Coming home filled with bacon, eggs and thoughts of some workshop time, I was in a pretty good mood. What do do with that little window of time though?. It had to be something productive that would be finished and cleaned up in under two hours. I know, hang some pegboard!

I’m still in the process of using up all my scrap to make the garage neater and part of that scrap is a couple of large pegboard panels that originally came from my dad’s garage fit-out. I have plans for the two larger pieces, they still need frames built but will eventually go up on the walls. That left me one piece, and it was quite warped so I wasn’t sure it would work where I wanted it to fit. Shown below is the area above my workbench, it’s a bit bare and unused so I’ve been looking at it for weeks thinking that it needed a tool rack or some pegboard in it.

I got out my trusty sawbenches, which are actually starting to get a little wobbly (should have glued the joints as well as screwed them – will fix shortly!), and after measuring up the spot for it used my jigsaw to cut it to shape.

Then it was just a matter of fitting the piece in place, drilling a few holes with my old Millers Falls hand drill, and screwing it in place. I only had to make one trip back to the sawbenches, it was slightly oversize by about 3mm on one edge. Once I had it screwed in place the warp mostly went and so I got to hang some of my more frequently used tools on it. Hopefully this way I’ll hang them back up as I work rather than leaving them on the bench in the way!.

A little tidy up and I was all finished by the time I had to jump back in the car.


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