Making a shooting board

The second of the lost posts ( that could be a movie – the woodwork geek and the lost posts!) is about building a shooting board.

A shooting board is a jig that helps you to use a plane to trim the end of a piece of wood to size. It’s useful when you need to take just a small amount off a part to make it fit properly. This one is sized to work with a block plane and small workpieces, you can scale it up and use a large plane like a #5 to work on larger pieces.

The bottom base is 16mm MDF, the top is 20mm MDF, and the crosspieces are 30 x 20mm Tasmanian oak – though this is just because of what I had as scrap and the concept will work just as well with whatever is in your scrap pile.

Start by cutting your four pieces. As a guide to the size, the larger base piece is about 210mm by 300mm – the size of a piece of A4 paper. I find this a useful size for most of my bench hook style jigs.


Glue the long crosspiece to the bottom of the larger base, and the short crosspiece to the top to the small base.


Glue the two pieces together and clamp until dry – with PVA an hour should do


Here it is assembled – for some reason I haven’t taken a piece of it cleaned up, but round off the sharp edges and give it a sand. I’ve also used some candle wax on the bit the plane runs along. If it’s slightly out of square don’t worry, the first few times you use it the plane will fix that up.




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