Making a Saw Till

This weekend I finished a project that I started quite a few months ago, around the same time I built the pegboard cabinet. It’s a saw till, which is basically a cabinet to hold handsaws. I’d built the frame of the box and it’s been hanging on the wall holding both my good saws and a pile of saws I intended to restore up until now.

Saturday I culled the saws down to the ones worth keeping and once this bit of housekeeping was done, I could see what I had left and actually finish the cabinet for them, giving them proper storage.

I started by building a box – it’s 900mm high by 400mm wide and 240mm deep. It’s just made of pine. I used butt joints and screws to hold it together. I’d originally planned to put a back on it so routed a rebate in it but that’s never happened.

Next I cut two cross pieces, and routed a rebate in one to lock into the cleat on my shop wall. These got screwed onto the back of the frame

Then I mounted it on the wall and filled it with saws and rust pretending to be saws, and left it alone until yesterday.

I cleared it out, then cut a 1″ dowel to the inside width and screwed it in at the bottom, using my largest saw as a guide for placement. Then I added two pieces of pine across the back to support the saw blades, and used the saws to cut their own kerf to hold them in place. A small shelf at the top to hold coping and other saws and it’s done.

and for anyone that’s thinking “That’s great, but where does he store his Japanese saws” here they are, on hooks on the outside. The other side of the till holds marking tools.


Easy to make, and it really makes a difference to that corner of the workshop.


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