Storing spokeshaves and scrapers

After a few months of major work cleaning out the clutter, I’m up to the stage where I’m focusing on making sure all the tools I kept are neatly stored and accessible.

I got half an hour spare on Sunday afternoon and decided to tackle my spokeshaves and scrapers. They have been living on shelves and in toolboxes for quite a while now. I was originally going to mount them on another wall, but I had this blank space at the end of one of the shelving units on the bench free so decided to put them there. I’m finding that the closer things are to the bench, the more likely they are to be put away properly after use.

I used simple brass hooks and nails, and put hang-holes into the wooden shaves to allow them to be stored in the same way as the metal ones. They are out of the way, stored safely and easily to get to. I’ve still got the other patternmakers shave to hang, and I want to put holes into my card scrapers and hang them and the burnishing tool in the space that remains at the bottom.

Left to right, top row, is a round bottomed spokeshave, a flat bottomed spokeshave and a Stanley #80 cabinet scraper. Second row has a flat scraper shave I made and a pair of wooden spokeshaves. Also pictured are a small round bottomed spokeshave and one of a pair of pattermakers shaves, the other still has to be mounted.

Do I feel bad about putting holes in the wooden shaves to hang them?. Not at all. It’s wood, it’s meant to be worked and it does no damage to the tool. Will I feel bad about putting hang holes in my card scrapers?. Nope, same reasoning applies. It’s not like they are rare tools, and I’d rather have them stored safely than bashing around getting damaged.

Interestingly enough, once I saw everything hung neatly, I realised that there’s two tools that I can’t see myself using. The small spokeshave duplicates the patternmakers shaves, and the second wooden spokeshave is unlikely to ever be used when the others are there so I think they can go – the small one can be sold, the wooden one can go to the local woodworking club where I’m trying to build up a hand tool library to supliment the existing machine workshop.

Someone once told me “A place for everything and everything in its place” and I think I’m well on the way to having my workshop working just like that motto says.


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