Down the rabbit hole again

Ok, maybe it’s a dog hole….or a lot of them. I decided that I may as well go for the full swiss cheese effect on my bench so drilled a row of holes along the front of the bench as well. I do have a small tail vice installed so will modify it to work with the front row. I made a couple of bench dogs using 3/4 inch dowels and have already realised how useful this configuration can be so might end up with a second set of holes along the front as well.

The row at the front are going through the MDF top into 100mm thick douglas fir, so they are a lot stronger than the ones that are only in MDF. You can see in this picture that I’m also about to replace the front jaw on my vice with one thick enough to have dog holes of it’s very own.

For anyone not familiar with what bench dogs are, the best way to describe them is pegs that you place into holes in your benchtop. They sit proud of it and stop work moving around. They won’t stop it moving much by themselves, so you insert matching pegs into the front face of your vice and tighten it up until whatever you need to hold is wedged between the two bench dogs.

I’m sticking to the normal pattern for a bench with two vices – the ones running towards the back of the bench work with the front vice, and the ones along the front work with the tail vice.


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