The new-old workbench upgrade (Part 1)

It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s just because not much has been going on in the workshop. I simply haven’t had time lately to do much. I have managed to get my old workbench up and running though and it’s proving to be an able little thing.

It’s the one that had the 100 x 100mm douglas fir base, with the warped merbau top. It had a MDF top for a while, made out of two scrap pieces, but I’ve now replaced that with one decent piece that’s mounted flush with the front. I’ve got two vices mounted in it, one at the front and one on the end (just out of shot). Having the top flush with the front gives it the same clamping options the Roubo build was going to give me, and I already see why it’s so popular.

It’s also got two shelving units on it for storage, while this cuts down the working surface I needed it and the bench is still very usable.

I decided that since I was only going to have one bench it better handle the needs of both handtool and powertool work, so I bought and mounted a heavy duty powerboard with it’s own on/off switch to the leg of the bench.

I’ve got a heavy duty lead to run around to the mains socket when I get the rest of the garage clean enough to do so, meaning I will be able to start work at the bench without having to run cables across the floor.

First time I used the router here dust went everywhere, so the cupboards got doors

Still to do – the final door on the cupboards, bench dog holes, under-cupboard lighting so I can see what I’m doing when the light gets low, and mounting the shopvac properly so I can attach it to my tools as needed.


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