Halving the workshop

My little car recently died and its replacement will take up considerably more space in the garage.

It’s meant a bit of a shake up in the workshop to make room. I’ve sold the Tablesaw and the parts of the roubo bench, halved my wood pile and cleaned out a lot of other stuff.

While it was a bit sad to get rid of some things, most notably the almost completed bench, it’s also been a good experience.

I’ve culled down to pretty much what I actually need and use, and been able to fit it neatly into the remaining space.

With less tools in need of repair to distract me and less clutter to get in the road, I’m feeling more productive in there now. Once I get a few final storage cabinets built it should all be really good.


5 thoughts on “Halving the workshop

  1. I’m having to cope with a smaller garage after moving house – so I feel for you! Plans for a proper workbench are now out of the window. So sad. But glad to hear it has decreased the clutter and distractions!

  2. If it were a couple of inches deeper, I would have had to perform reduction surgery with some saws! It only just fits in front of my tiny car, but there is no longer any room along the sides of the cars so I have to move one out whenever I want to do any work. This makes it a lot harder to motivate a 1/2 hour session in the garage! Are you finding the same thing?

    Next on my quest to streamline the work-space is to use up all the spare lumber I have hanging around – and try to only have enough for one project at a time. I got rid of some boxes of really small scraps, which turned out to be liberating.

    1. I’m actually finding I get more done now that there’s less junk in there, though the past 6 weeks have not left much time for the shed at all.

      My remaining bench has two vices installed now, and I added a powerboard to it last weekend. Pretty much I can walk in, take my shop stool off the bench and work, so that’s been a great feeling. I hope to put doors on the shelves over it this weekend and hook up the shop vac under the bench, so in about 40cm by 1500cm of floor space I have both my hand tool and power tool workspace set up ready to use.

      I’ve always had to take the car out so I can sympathise, hope you manage to get used to it!

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