Faithful skew chisel – a brief review

I ordered a cheap ($10 shipped) skew chisel of Ebay a few months ago to help clean up the corners of the tool cabinets I’d been building.

For that price I didn’t expect very much but I have to say I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

The chisel is at least as well made as any recent Stanley or Irwin offerings, with a socket and tang style blade that was neatly hollow ground and even reasonably well honed out of the box. It came coated it a rust preventing wax, which revealed a nice steel once cleaned off.

There was one small piece of steel that was a little ragged on one edge but a few seconds on a diamond stone cleaned that of and a few moments on a finer stone took off all the mill marks as well.

The back was near enough to flat that it barely needed any work and a few seconds work was all that was needed to get a really good edge on it.

The ferrule is brass coated steel and not that thick, but it seems to do the job. It’s the one thing I think could be upgraded even if it raises the price.

The handle is an unknown hardwood but looks a lot like beech to me and besides being varnished not oiled like I prefer it’s well made and it’s actual wood not plastic which is a huge plus.

I’ve used it quite a bit and it’s held an edge well. Time will tell how it holds up but so far I’m impressed and would consider trying some of their gouges if I can.




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