Simple Oilstone Holders

I had a few spare hours quite a number of weeks ago, but wasn’t feeling great so didn’t want to do anything too strenuous. I ended up cleaning and making holders for some old oilstones I’d picked up over a year ago.

I didn’t feel like hollowing out a block so made them up of scrap I had laying around, mostly maple with a bit of meranti. Here they are with the pieces cut, just sitting together. The bottom piece is to hook onto the edge of the bench like a traditional bench hook, which helps it not to move when sharpening.

I was a bit worried about the sharpening motion knocking the ends loose if I just glued them, so used some brass screws to hold them in place. Brass because it looks nicer, I had some in the right size and if I ever put waterstones in place of the oilstones they won’t rust.

Here’s the end result, one holds a combination stone and the last a thinner, finer stone


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