Building a pegboard cabinet

I’ve been struggling to store some of my tools since taking down the mobile pegboard rack, so decided to build a small cabinet to store some of the tools I need more often.

Made of pine, it’s a simple biscuit jointed case. I tried to use my plough plane to run a groove into the back to slot the pegboard into but managed to tear out a piece of it so ended up fixing that by gluing a thin rail on the inside.

It’s mounted on the wall using an interlocking rebate again, like everything I’ve built recently. Here is is during the test fitting.

After making a mess with the plough plane, I fixed it by gluing a thin pine rail on the inside of the frame. If I’d been thinking a bit better at this point I would have put them in from the back a little to form a rebate on the other side, or even just cut on with a router that would have fixed the whole problem, but I was angry at my inability to get it right so was rushing to get it fixed.

I fit the pegboard using tacks, and then tried to hang this on the wall. There were a couple od disasters then, as I’d not planed the rebates smooth on the mounting rails and it didn’t fit well, so I tried to make it lock into place with a rubber mallet. All this ended up doing was breaking the frame and making it fall apart.

An hour later and another disaster where part of the frame actually broke away and had to be reglued, and I got it back on the wall ready to use. It’s now got screws holding it together and while it’s not obvious when looking at it all the mistakes I made, I know they are there. I did learn from them though, and the next project (the saw till) went together without a problem.


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