Restoring a table saw – Part 1 (the top)

A friend recently downsized to a smaller place, and so told me to come and have a look to see what I could use. One of the items I got given was a small table saw. It had been outside under a cover for who knows how long, and it was a struggle to get the 80kg or so of it into the back of my tiny car, but we managed it.

Here it is before any work was done on it. Most of what you can see is flash rust, so came off easily with a wire brush then a sanding wheel in a drill.

After cleaning, I was please to find no major pitting in the cast iron top. I gave it a couple of coats of beeswax to stop it rusting again and fired it up, carefully. It works just fine. I’d not going to use it again until I’ve built a blade guard for it but I’m pleased to give it a new home.


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