Workshop update 26/03/2012

I’ve been very busy in the workshop for the past few weeks, trying to get it to a point where I can just walk in, start work and not have to move twenty things beforehand. Busy enough that while I’ve had time to get a lot done, I’ve not found time to write about it.

I’ve built the first of a few pegboard cabinets to replace the storage I lost when I dismantled the moving tool rack, and it’s hanging proudly on the wall. This was my first project using the biscuit joiner I was given by a member of the local woodwork club and I found it made the process quite easy. Sorry for the grainy photo, I just can’t get enough light in that spot during the evening to get a good picture.

Yesterday I managed to get the shell of a saw till built and hung up, it still needs the inside done but at least my saws aren’t laying around in danger of getting damaged or worse, damaging me. It’s hanging on a rebated cleat, so can be moved around it needed.

I’ve got an additional shelving unit partially built to sit next to the one rescued from my parents place, and so that corner of the workshop is pretty much done. I’d like to put doors on the shelves but other than that it’s ready to use. It looks like it’s destined to become the power tool bench, as a little router table I was given plus my small collection of other tools fit nicely there as well.

I’ve also been trying to use up as much as my sheet wood pile as possible to get it out of the way, so there’s been a number of jigs built as well – bench hooks, shooting boards etc.

I’m actually getting near the point where I feel up to working on the main bench again, I was quite unhappy about it not sitting flat so decided to give it a few weeks before I started on it again. Maybe a few more then I’ll try and get it sorted out.


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