A new life for the old bench

My old bench has had a piece of scrap MDF stuck on top for a few weeks, but I decided a few weekends ago to do it properly. I got a full sized piece and cut it to size and fitted it, then gave it a coat of linseed oil and beeswax.

The shelves are one of my first ever woodworking projects, from ten or more years ago. They were still sitting on my desk at my parents place so I grabbed them the week before Easter when we visited.

The shelves have since become home for any of my planes that weren’t in the plane till, and I’m looking at building a new plane till to fit the bottom of my unit given the other one won’t fit a #7.

Looking back at these shelves, I’m pretty impressed with what I managed with store bought timber, a blunt tenon saw and a drill.

The bench itself is coming in handy. I need to add a rail under the top to allow the z-vice to be used on it then I think it will become my primary bench for power tool work – routing etc. I’m going to add a second set of shelves beside these one’s as soon as I can get some pine that isn’t full of holes!



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