Update on the workbench

A woodworking friend said to me on Saturday that I hadn’t been updating my blog much recently. It’s both gratifying to know he thought it worth reading and a reminder that I’ve got a lot done since the last post and need to let you know about it.

First up, I finished off the workbench top to a state where I could fit the legs and have it stand on it’s own. Here it is being glued up, it still needs the middle pieces added between the legs but I needed to trial fit the legs first them fit to the gap.

Here it is with the legs fitted and temporarily screwed in for stability. This is where I noticed that either my floor isn’t flat or my legs aren’t right. I’ve remeasured and all seems OK but I’ll take it apart and check it all at a later date. For the moment this was enough to give me a work surface and to give me room to store some stuff while I worked on other projects.


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