Goodbye Pegboard Rack

I’ve had a new workbench started for over a month now, and I’ve not made much progress since the initial couple of days. I’m in no hurry to rush it though as I’d like it to be well built and last me a good number of years.

I’ve got to plane and glue the rest of the top up, but to do this I really need room to work. Once the top is glued up it’s going to be a two man job to move and my car goes back in the garage of a night since street parking isn’t great here, so I need to make permanent room at the back of the garage where the bench will live so I can start to bring it together. Until now I’ve just been working with half of the top which I could move away each night with some effort.

This all means that my pegboard wall has to come down. It was my first woodworking project here and the thing that really got me into it, and even though it’s pretty rough I’m sorry to see it come down. There’s nothing quite like seeing all your tools hanging neatly, the old steel polished and the wooden handles worn but glowing in the light.

I’ve been taking a look at some of the early blog posts and looking at the pegboard rack when it was first built, and the tools I had on it. They were quite different from what I have now. Back in April last year when I built it, this is what was on it and comprised every tool I owned except for a drill and two small planes. I built it on the floor and on my little fold-up bench.

Then here it is now, just prior to being pulled apart. I’ve carefully restored the majority of these tools from 50c piles of rust and though they might not look much to anyone else I’m fond of them. I carefully built wooden racks for a lot of them and each was better than the last as my skills improved. I hope to reuse some of those but I’m not sure where yet, as the new workbench will have a rail on the back to hold the chisels and smaller items.

This was last weekend, I plan to start pulling it apart this weekend. Not very pretty but again, I’m fond of it. Now for the demolition…


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Pegboard Rack

  1. It’s amazing how our tool chests grow isn’t it. It is always a challenge to organise ourselves into the space that we have available.
    Don’t throw the pegboard away Andrew, you may find that it can be wall mounted to relieve your bench of tools when you need it to.
    There will be times when you will want to have a completely clear benchtop.
    Congratulations on your blog and in the progress you are making in your woodworking.

    1. It is, I started about 15 months ago with a tenon saw and a tape measure, now I struggle for space!. I’m looking at putting some pegboard in the side parts under the bench to hang some smaller tools on that I don’t need often, and hope to use the rest up somehow.

      Thanks for the nice comments and the support and advice you’ve given me on this journey


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