Rust Hunting 26 Feb 2012

Even though I’m not doing much rust hunting nowadays I still try and make it to one of the local markets, for a chat with the guy who runs the tool stall if nothing else. This weekend I was actually looking for a 32mm mortise chisel but came away with a few other things instead.

Along with the normal tool guy, who had both a drawknife and a 1 1/2 Toledo Chisel to expand on dad’s set, there was another guy selling what appeared to be the contents of a relatives shed. A few rusted old toolboxes, mostly filled with equally rusty junk, but there were a few good items that he was willing to part with for a few gold coins, so I grabbed them.

You can see the drawknife, which is in good shape except for a small crack in one handle, and the Toledo chisel, the other items are a pair of Stanley utility knives (one actually made in Aus and feels like it was – the other isn’t bad but you can tell it’s newer and nowhere near as well built), a Stanley Yankee 131A screwdrive (or club if you felt so inclined, it’s a heavy beast!), and a small gents saw that will need a clean and a new handle. The second picture shows a Stanley brace as well. Every item in the second photo cost me a dollar each, so I’m very pleased with those finds.

Did I actually need any of these tools?. Well I actually appear to have lost my utility knife, I’m not sure if I left it on the recycle bins one day after cutting up boxes and it’s walked or if it’s hiding somewhere, so these two will fill the gap until I find it.

The drawknife is something I’ve been after for a while, just because they sound like a ‘proper’ woodworking handtool, very powerful and traditional and as I’m finding out they are fun to use as well.

The chisel helps to round out my dad’s old set which are my primary paring chisels, so I’m glad to have found it.

I didn’t really need another brace or the gent’s saw or the giant yankee screwdriver, but who could pass up good old tools for $1 when I knew that if they didn’t sell they’d end up at the tip?


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