Dust collectors – the type you don’t plug in!

I woke up this morning with the fifth day of a stomach bug. Lots of fun. I managed to make it through almost a full day of work yesterday but decided it wasn’t worth the commute today if I was just going to feel sick all day.

I’ve been resting all morning but I’m not the type that can sit still for too long so decided to tackle to cupboard in my home office which is a repositry for all of my computer  bits and pieces, along with the items for the vast number of hobbies I’ve taken up previously then put aside. So far woodwork is the only one that’s kept my enthusiasm for more than a few months, possibly because I keep seeing progress in my skills where I haven’t in the others.

In the cupboard I’ve found plenty to throw out. Old cover cd’s from computer magazines, boxes for items that we kept just in case we needed to invoke warrenty on them, cables that don’t fit any modern PC and more. All of these are taking space and making it hard to uses the cupboard effectively. It wastes time every time I try and find something in there.

What’s this got to do with woodwork though?. Well it’s about items that aren’t useful but are still sitting around collecting dust. Even though I’ve spring cleaned my garage recently and sold or thrown out a lot of unwanted items I’m sure there’s more there that could go. Once they are gone I’ll have more room to store what’s important in a way that both looks good and is practical.

Why not give your workshop a bit of a cleanout this weekend?


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