Planking…no, I’m not laying down on the job!

My local woodwork club runs a plank competition each year, where each entrant gets a 240mm x 3000mm x 20mm pine plank and has 5 months to build one or more items from it for judging. The resulting items are then sold by the club as a fundraising activity.

I got my plank today after deciding to enter yesterday, and had to think very fast to decide what to build so I could start breaking the board down into a more car-friendly length before I could bring it home.

I’ve decided on a nice little coffee table, with a drawer if I have enough wood left over from the main table – I think sketchup will come into play to work out exactly what I can do with what I’ve got.

There’s a small problem right away – the planks are drawn by lot and I ended up with a cupped board, though not enough that a few months under an anvil won’t sort it out.

I’ll keep you posted as work progresses.


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